Saturday, February 14, 2009

Folder cover. Last of the Pinky, girly swap items.

Okay before I begin I have the link for a Tutorial on making the Tree of Life Pendants. Click Here.

This is my fabric folder cover i made for the pinky, girly swap on craftster. My partner liked pink an brown, and i had this lovely print in my stash. She is going to uni this year so I made this. When I was in high school my mum and her very crafty friend made these for us. Only they were better with zippers and heaps more pockets. I remember mine was red and with a tropical print. Anyhoo....

Front view with Velcro tab closure...

This is the inside. One pocket on the back.

And two large pockets on the front also a little snap pocket and a place for some pens.

This is really easy to make. YOU could make one. SERIOUSLY. You just need to figure out how many pockets you need and then measure, measure, measure, cut, sew, done. YAY.

One last thing, I found this super cute embroidery blog. Lollychops has free downloadable images and all sorts of inspiration. Check It Out.

Happy Valentines to you all.

Hugs and Kisses, XOXOXOXO,


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  1. Mel this is BEAUTIFUL! I have a little tutorial that I found on how to make a smaller version that fits over a notebook -still yet to make it! lol :)
    Anyway, just popping in to say hi and LOVE your creations as always!
    Lus x


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