Friday, August 22, 2008

The Sewing Room Part One


Dad rings me up on wednesday. "Mel would you still like you old light table for your sewing room?". "Sure!", I say. "I'll bring it down this arvo." he informs me.

Oh Crap...... So.

The contents of my crap, oops, sewing room is now all over my lounge room floor. I told my sister and she said,"I can only imagine the sea of fabric you must be swimming in right now, Mel"

Uh uh.

That is my light table. It is an industrial fluorescent light fixture turned upside down and had legs welded to it. The it has two layers of perspects as the table top. It is a perfect height to sew on and an awesome light table for tracing etc. So this is the cleanest the room has looked for a very long time. I have an ordinary desk with a hutch going on the other wall to store all my paper craft stuff on/in. But i am in the middle of painting it, so it will probably the middle of next week before i have it in. But it is progress! Yeah!

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