Friday, August 29, 2008

How To: Glass Pebble Magnets

I am making these glass pebble magnets for the fathers day stall at school. It's really basic but fun to try out all sorts of images.
You'll need:
Glass pebbles- any colour, i chose clear.
Glue- i used super tacky glue that dries clear but Dimensional Magic is also good.
Images- Anything. Photos, Magazines, Printed Paper.
Magnets- Any kind will do. I had trouble finding some so i bought magnetic P plates and chopped them up.
1. Decide on you image. I found that black and one colour, or bold designs worked best.
2. Glue pebble onto image. Leave to dry. Cut around pebble.
3. Glue Magnet to Back of pebble. Leave to dry.
4. Stick on fridge and enjoy!
So there you have it. I know it's simple, but they look so good! Now to figure out how to package them......
If you make them, i would love to see your creations! so email me or leave a comment!.

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  1. Clever you!!!! These are a great idea - thanks for sharing mate :)
    Love to you and yours,
    Lus x


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